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101 Riverfront Drive

Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 734.904.6685


© 2019 by Augusta Rowing Club

Spring Training/ Visiting Crews

Training does not get much easier than coming to Augusta!


 We have over 11 miles of calm water that is rowable through all four seasons. This made it the home of US Olympic Rowing in the 80's and 90's. Guests are treated to a boathouse nestled on the river and only minutes from downtown Augusta. Our facilities provide you the flexibility to train both on and off the water which will allow your program to continue training just like you were at home!

Dock and Facility Use

$2.75 per athlete (rower and coxswain) per day. This only includes days that athletes actively use the docks or facility and not early/late trailer arrivals/departures or days that only involve rigging/derigging. If you are training longer than 10 days, then the price is negotiable depending upon the size of your team. 

Rowing Equipment Use

The club is no longer offering shells or oars for rental.

Launch Use

There are a limited number of launches with engines available for rent. 

Launch Only (Bring your own Engine) - $150/week

Launch + Engine - $700/week

Registering Your Program

Please download: Registration Form | Release of Liability Waiver

The registration form is an Excel File with built in formulas allowing you to make changes as needed. The waiver may be photocopied as needed but each athlete, rower and coxswain, and all coaches must sign and return this.