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Adult Rowing Programs

Rowing in Augusta is a year round sport with 3 main racing seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall. There is also offseason training during the winter. Within this we offer three different groups (Recreational, Masters, and Competitive) for all experience levels. All groups have the same membership benefits.

Recreational Rowing

This program is for people who are not interested in competing or racing. Generally these rowers are just trying the sport and/or enjoy a nice relaxing row on the Savannah a few times per month.

Masters Rowing

This is the first category that competes and races for ARC. Rowers in this program only race during the summer and fall. Summer Masters races are typically 1000m (1 kilometer) head-to-head, which allows for athletes to participate in multiple races within a regatta. Fall racing is longer, averaging about 5 kilometers. These races are called "HEAD" races, and crews race against the clock. Athletes in this program row once or twice a week and are given the option to follow a workout program if they desire.

Competitive Rowing

Rowers interested in this program are required to show a strong dedication to the sport and willingness to put forth the effort required to win on the biggest stages. This group will follow a workout program and will typically be on the water six days a week with additional land workouts depending on the season. This group competes at national and international regattas during the Spring and Summer. These races are the Olympic distance of 2000 meters. They also participate in Head racing during the Fall. 


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