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Junior Rowing

Junior Rowing

Here at Augusta Rowing Club, we are the only rowing club serving the CSRA not only for adults but for youth members of the community between the ages of 13-18 ! 

Typically anyone from the 8th grade and beyond can tryout. On occasion, an exception can be made for an above average 7th grader; however, they need to be characteristically more mature than others in the peer groups. 

At any point during the year, you may contact us ahead of time to come watch a practice or talk with the coaches. If you want to see the sport up close, this is a great opportunity to ride with a coach in one of the launches (motor boat). There are 5 opportunities to experience rowing throughout the year! 

- November Tryouts
-January Tryouts
-Summer Tryouts
-Fall Tryouts
-Walk Ons

With the exception of the Summer season, practice is Mon-Fri; 4:30-6:30P and Sat 8-10A. Any changes to the practice schedule will be sent out by the coach. 

Our junior team members compete in similar races to our competitive group. During the spring and summer season they race the Olympic distance of 2000m and during the Fall they participate in Head racing. Juniors that qualify at the highest level will get to compete in both national and international regattas.

For more information, e-mail us at or call Brad Holdren, Coach, at 734-904-6685.