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Adult Rowing

Adult Rowing Programs

Here in Augusta, we are fortunate for warmer weather which allows us to row year round with a heavy focus on racing during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. We have offseason conditioning training in the Winter months. Throughout the year, we offer three different adult (18+) programs; Recreational, Masters, and Competitive. Anyone is welcome to join any program, no matter your experience level. All programs have the same membership benefits. 

Recreational Rowing

Generally, this program is for members who are not interested in competitive racing. This would be up your alley if you are wanting to try out the sport at your own pace and/or enjoy the relaxing aspect of rowing with leisurely rows on the Savannah River at your convenience. 

Masters Rowing

One of the two programs that cater to the racing realm, rowers in this program only race during the Summer and Fall. Summer races for Masters are head-to-head and typically 1000M in length. This allows athletes to participate in multiple race categories at one regatta if they so choose. Fall races on the other hand are longer, averaging about 5000M. These races are called "Head" races where the crews race against the clock. Athletes in this program row a minimum of 1-2 times per week and given the option to follow a workout program if they choose.

Competitive Rowing

The most intense and time dedicated program that we offer is for rowers with a strong passion to the sport and willingness to put forth the effort required to win on the biggest states. This group follows a workout program that will typically have them on the water 6 days a week along with additional land workouts depending on the season. This group competes at both the national and international level during the Spring and Summer regatta season. These races are Olympic Length, 2000M. The competitive group also participates in Head races during the Fall Season.